Jess Wells

Author of Modern and Historical Fiction, Instructor in the Craft

A Slender Tether

A Slender Tether
Amid the violent weather of Europe's Little Ice Age in 1395,A Slender Tether offers three compelling tales of self-discovery, including the early life of Christine de Pizan who would go on to become the supreme intellectual of the century and the first woman to make her living as a writer.

"What really ties the stories together is Wells' wry sensibilities and lyrical prose. She mixes tragedy and comedy to great effect; producing stories that feel true as if it were gossip heard first hand." - Review
Historical Fiction
"Historical events…are elegantly woven into the plot. The well-rounded characters, constant action, and captivating subject matter unite (in The Mandrake Broom) to enlighten as well as infuriate as the atrocities of the time period become real through Wells’ vivid writing…. Reminiscent of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Mists of Avalon series, Jess Wells’ third novel belongs on everyone’s reading list”– The Historical Novels Review
The early adulthood of Christine de Pizan, called "artfully captured with economy and delicacy [that] comes across beautifully in this well-written and researched work." - The Historical Novels Review