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This classic tale of control, fear and upheaval, features Trout, a successful businesswoman unaccustomed to losing control...Her partner-in-life Patricia, eyewitness to the collapse of a building she helped construct...Cherice, a bisexual trapped in an elevator with a straight man... Louise, whose bar becomes a haven for so many whose lives have suddenly become upended by an 8.0 earthquake in San Francisco.




"Wells' gift as a writer is not only in projecting the reality of external events but also in giving voice to the internal responses of her characters.  She limns the inside of their minds with scary precision. ... Aftershocks seizes the imagination, tells a compelling story and makes us think about the tremors in our own lives."  Bay Area Reporter


"Aftershocks is an achievement.  There are lines that are so filled with beauty and truth that they are sheer pleasure to read.  Jess Wells is obviously possessed by a talent and a vision." The Washington Blade


"You can't help but wonder at the level of difficulty of writing a novel (Aftershocks ) about angst that is humorous.  What measure of talent is it to write a story about darkness and despair, the result of the tragedy of broken dreams and a literally broken landscape, and still elicit a smile from the reader, who expected a lot less and received more?"  Recommended Reading column, Teresa Witmer, True Review


"In this captivating novel ...details leap from the pages." Booklist


"Impressively crafted metaphorical novel...Believable, personal stories." Outlines


"Aftershocks is the next stage in its exploration of relationships, in its quality and power. It is a novel that needed to be written and needs to be widely read." The Women's Press, London


"This incredible novel...is a powerful literary effort, which had repercussions in my mind for days...The characters are powerfully, convincingly drawn, and this reader was completely seduced by the drama of Jess Wells' storytelling." Lizard Louise Reviews