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Women's History Month: Firebrands, Inventors, Spies and Warriors

Women's History Month! I consider it my life's work to write about the world of women, especially women of great accomplishment who are overlooked by standard history books. Here are the fascinating stories of some unsung women:


Eleanor Roosevelt, A Tale of Two Firebrands: Discover the fascinating friendship between Eleanor Roosevelt and Pauli Murray, a civil rights advocate and brilliant writer. 


The Woman Who Smashed Codes, Rumrunners and Hitler: The modern science of cryptology was largely invented by a husband and wife team who battled rumrunners and Nazis. Here's their fascinating story, and other tales of unsung women.


Frances Perkins: The Woman Behind the New Deal: Frances Perkins, a woman, was the moving force behind Social Security and the safety net we now rely on. Her story is told in a lively biography by a Pulitzer winner. 


"Unsung Heroes of WWII" Includes 3 Women in the Resistance: Three women of extraordinary courage have been highlighted in The Great Courses Plus lectures on "Unsung Heroes of WWII" including the woman who ran the largest ring smuggling airmen from behind enemy lines. Here's a glimpse of their achievements:  


Daughters of Genghis Khan Saved the Empire: Who knew Genghis Khan had daughters or that they "ruled the largest empire the world has ever known"? Here's the effort to write them back into history. Fascinating, tragic, astounding.     


She Proved Plate Tectonics, Re-drew the Earth: Marie Tharp completely upended our understanding of the earth's formation and the terrain of the oceans, finally proving the theory of plate tectonics. Here's her fascinating story. 


Jeanette Thurber Was Key to the Birth of American Orchestral Music: Jeanette Thurber established the first music school to focus on specifically American music and opened the doors to women, people of color, and the disabled. She brought Dvorak to America where he wrote his most celebrated work. Experts say that if she had wanted, this philanthropist would have her name on superb musical institutions all over America, like Rockefeller and Stanford. 


The Struggles of Europe's First Feminist: What drives a pioneer to face the odds and become the first woman to do something? Christine de Pizan was Europe's first feminist, first to write on the moral quality of women. But what is the price of ambition and its flip side, disillusionment? 


Himiko, Tomb Raider's Real Queen: So thrilled to learn that the queen in the new Tomb Raider is a real Japanese queen of the Edo period, and a strong, capable ruler. Here's what we know about her.


The Ascent of Woman: Excellent Series on Netflix: Excellent series on women through history with Dr. Amanda Foreman, highlighting the rise and fall and rise again of women's power.  


Katharine Tynan, prolific author of the Irish Renaissance: Katharine Tynan is usually just referenced as a friend/muse of William Butler Yeats, but Tynan wrote more than 100 novels of her own, plus five autobiographical volumes and several volumes of poetry. Here's her story.



20,000 Years of Women's Work: Women's fabric work drove the world economy for 20,000 years, and a scholar suggests the String Revolution predated agriculture and all other inventions. She says the mysterious Venus de Milo was spinning, revered as a symbol of the divine thread through life. Fascinating insights by E.W. Barber. 


Badly-Behaved Women: English courts where women sued women, tales of women warriors, and other gems in Ulrich's book.


Pamela Colman Smith: Tarot Illustrator and Bohemian: Illustrator of the Rider Tarot deck in 1902, Pamela Colman Smith died not knowing millions would see her work. 


Startling Lives of First Women in History: The Naditum were 'cloistered' women who amassed land holdings and wealth, adopting other women to receive an inheritance, in Mesopotamia. Fascinating nuggets from two new volumes.


Queen Margaret I of Denmark: Learn of The Lady King's competence and shrewd dealings. 


Empress Deng: A Just and Capable Ruler in Second Century China: Empress Deng of China had an important role in the adoption of paper, and other impressive achievements. Here are some new discoveries.








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